public unowned string? get_option (string key)

Looks up key in the list of options that may have been attached to the this when it was loaded, or that may have been attached by another function using set_option.

For instance, the ANI loader provides "Title" and "Artist" options. The ICO, XBM, and XPM loaders provide "x_hot" and "y_hot" hot-spot options for cursor definitions. The PNG loader provides the tEXt ancillary chunk key/value pairs as options. Since 2.12, the TIFF and JPEG loaders return an "orientation" option string that corresponds to the embedded TIFF/Exif orientation tag (if present). Since 2.32, the TIFF loader sets the "multipage" option string to "yes" when a multi-page TIFF is loaded. Since 2.32 the JPEG and PNG loaders set "x-dpi" and "y-dpi" if the file contains image density information in dots per inch. Since 2.36.6, the JPEG loader sets the "comment" option with the comment EXIF tag.



a `GdkPixbuf`


a nul-terminated string.


the value associated with `key`