[ CCode ( has_construct_function = false ) ]
[ Version ( since = "2.4" ) ]
public Pixbuf.from_file_at_size (string filename, int width, int height) throws Error

Creates a new pixbuf by loading an image from a file.

The file format is detected automatically.

If `NULL` is returned, then error will be set. Possible errors are:

- the file could not be opened - there is no loader for the file's format - there is not enough memory to allocate the image buffer - the image buffer contains invalid data

The error domains are `GDK_PIXBUF_ERROR` and `G_FILE_ERROR`.

The image will be scaled to fit in the requested size, preserving the image's aspect ratio. Note that the returned pixbuf may be smaller than `width` x `height`, if the aspect ratio requires it. To load and image at the requested size, regardless of aspect ratio, use [ctor GdkPixbuf.Pixbuf.new_from_file_at_scale].



Name of file to load, in the GLib file name encoding


The width the image should have or -1 to not constrain the width


The height the image should have or -1 to not constrain the height


A newly-created pixbuf