[ Version ( since = "1.6" ) ]
public float get_height ()

Retrieves the height of the volume's, axis aligned, bounding box.

In other words; this takes into account what actor's coordinate space this belongs too and conceptually fits an axis aligned box around the volume. It returns the size of that bounding box as measured along the y-axis.

If, for example, get_transformed_paint_volume is used to transform a 2D child actor that is 100px wide, 100px high and 0px deep into container coordinates then the height might not simply be 100px if the child actor has a 3D rotation applied to it.

Remember: if get_transformed_paint_volume is used then a transformed child volume will be defined relative to the ancestor container actor and so a 2D child actor can have a 3D bounding volume.

There are no accuracy guarantees for the reported height, except that it must always be greater than, or equal to, the actor's height. This is because actors may report simple, loose fitting paint volumes for efficiency.



a PaintVolume


the height, in units of this's local coordinate system.