[ Version ( since = "2.42" ) ]
public InputStream send (Message msg, Cancellable? cancellable = null) throws Error

Synchronously sends msg and waits for the beginning of a response.

On success, a InputStream will be returned which you can use to read the response body. ("Success" here means only that an HTTP response was received and understood; it does not necessarily mean that a 2xx class status code was received.)

If non-%NULL, cancellable can be used to cancel the request; send will return a CANCELLED error. Note that with requests that have side effects (eg, POST, PUT, DELETE) it is possible that you might cancel the request after the server acts on it, but before it returns a response, leaving the remote resource in an unknown state.

If msg is requeued due to a redirect or authentication, the initial (3xx/401/407) response body will be suppressed, and send will only return once a final response has been received.

Contrast this method with send_message, which also synchronously sends a Message, but doesn't return until the response has been completely read.

(Note that this method cannot be called on the deprecated SessionAsync subclass.)



a Session


a Message


a Cancellable


a InputStream for reading the response body, or null on error.