[ NoAccessorMethod ]
[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "2.70" ) ]
public URI proxy_uri { owned get; set; }

Warning: proxy_uri is deprecated since 2.70.

A proxy to use for all http and https requests in this session.


Use SoupSession:proxy-resolver along with SimpleProxyResolver.

Setting this will clear the proxy_resolver property, and remove any ProxyURIResolver features that have been added to the session. Setting this property will also cancel all currently pending messages.

Note that Session will normally handle looking up the user's proxy settings for you; you should only use proxy_uri if you need to override the user's normal proxy settings.

Also note that this proxy will be used for all requests; even requests to localhost. If you need more control over proxies, you can create a SimpleProxyResolver and set the proxy_resolver property.