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[ CCode ( copy_function = "g_boxed_copy" , free_function = "g_boxed_free" , type_id = "gda_meta_context_get_type ()" ) ]
[ Compact ]
public class MetaContext

The MetaContext represents a meta data modification context: the how when used with modify_with_context, and the what when used with update_meta_store.

To create a new MetaContext use MetaContext.

To add a new column/value pair use gda_meta_context_add_column.

To free a MetaContext, created by MetaContext, use gda_attributes_manager_free.

Since 5.2, you must consider this struct as opaque. Any access to its internal must use public API. Don't try to use free on a struct that was created manually.

Namespace: Gda
Package: libgda-5.0


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