public string dump_as_string ()

Dumps a textual representation of the this into a new string.

The main differences with export_to_string are that the formatting options are passed using environment variables, and that the data is dumped regardless of the user locale (e.g. dates are not formatted according to the locale).

The following environment variables can affect the resulting output:

  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_ROW_NUMBERS: if set, the first column of the output will contain row numbers
  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_TITLE: if set, also dump the data model's title
  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_NULL_AS_EMPTY: if set, replace the 'NULL' string with an empty string for NULL values
  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_TRUNCATE: if set to a numeric value, truncates the output to the width specified by the value. If the value is -1 then the actual terminal size (if it can be determined) is used



a DataModel.


a new string.