public void dump (void* to_stream)

Dumps a textual representation of the this to the to_stream stream

The following environment variables can affect the resulting output:

  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_ROW_NUMBERS: if set, the first column of the output will contain row numbers
  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_ATTRIBUTES: if set, also dump the data model's columns' types and value's attributes
  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_TITLE: if set, also dump the data model's title
  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_NULL_AS_EMPTY: if set, replace the 'NULL' string with an empty string for NULL values
  • GDA_DATA_MODEL_DUMP_TRUNCATE: if set to a numeric value, truncates the output to the width specified by the value. If the value is -1 then the actual terminal size (if it can be determined) is used



a DataModel.


where to dump the data model