[ CCode ( has_construct_function = false ) ]
public TreeRowReference.proxy (Object proxy, TreeModel model, TreePath path)

You do not need to use this function.

Creates a row reference based on path.

This reference will keep pointing to the node pointed to by path, so long as it exists. If path isn’t a valid path in model, then null is returned. However, unlike references created with TreeRowReference, it does not listen to the model for changes. The creator of the row reference must do this explicitly using tree_row_reference_inserted, tree_row_reference_deleted, reordered.

These functions must be called exactly once per proxy when the corresponding signal on the model is emitted. This single call updates all row references for that proxy. Since built-in GTK+ objects like TreeView already use this mechanism internally, using them as the proxy object will produce unpredictable results. Further more, passing the same object as model and proxy doesn’t work for reasons of internal implementation.

This type of row reference is primarily meant by structures that need to carefully monitor exactly when a row reference updates itself, and is not generally needed by most applications.



a proxy Object


a TreeModel


a valid TreePath-struct to monitor


a newly allocated TreeRowReference, or null