[ CCode ( sentinel = "-1" ) ]
public void @get (TreeIter iter, ...)

Gets the value of one or more cells in the row referenced by iter.

The variable argument list should contain integer column numbers, each column number followed by a place to store the value being retrieved. The list is terminated by a -1. For example, to get a value from column 0 with type g_type_string, you would write: `gtk_tree_model_get (model, iter, 0, &place_string_here, -1)`, where `place_string_here` is a gchararray to be filled with the string.

Returned values with type g_type_object have to be unreferenced, values with type g_type_string or g_type_boxed have to be freed. Other values are passed by value.



a TreeModel


a row in this


pairs of column number and value return locations, terminated by -1