public void suggest_simple (uint probability, string media_type, string? fieldname, ...)

If a TypeFindFunction calls this function it suggests the caps with the given probability.

A TypeFindFunction may supply different suggestions in one call. It is up to the caller of the TypeFindFunction to interpret these values.

This function is similar to suggest, only that instead of passing a Caps argument you can create the caps on the fly in the same way as you can with Caps.simple.

Make sure you terminate the list of arguments with a null argument and that the values passed have the correct type (in terms of width in bytes when passed to the vararg function - this applies particularly to gdouble and guint64 arguments).



The TypeFind object the function was called with


The probability in percent that the suggestion is right


the media type of the suggested caps


first field of the suggested caps, or null


additional arguments to the suggested caps in the same format as the arguments passed to Structure (ie. triplets of field name, field GType and field value). If fieldname is null, this list must be exactly one null.