[ Version ( since = "0.1.6" ) ]
public void paging_translate (uint skip, uint count, uint max_page_size, uint page_size, uint page_number, uint internal_offset)

Grilo browsing implements a paging mechanism through skip and count values.

But there are some services (like Jamendo or Flickr) where paging is done through a page number and page size: user request all elements in a page, specifying in most cases what is the page size.

This function is a helper for this task, computing from skip and count what is the optimal value of page size ( limited by max_page_size), which page should the user request, and where requested data start inside the page.

By optimal we mean that it computes those values so only one page is required to satisfy the data, using the smallest page size. If user is limiting page size, then more requests to services might be needed. But still page size will be an optimal value.

If page_size is NULL, then page size will be max_page_size. If the later is also 0, then page size will be MAX.



number of elements to skip


number of elements to retrieve


maximum value for page size (0 for unlimited size)


optimal page size


page which contain the first element to retrieve (starting at 1)


in the page_number, offset where first element can be found (starting at 0)

Namespace: Grl
Package: grilo-0.3