[ Version ( since = "0.1.7" ) ]
public void log_configure (string config)

Configure a set of log domains.

The default configuration is to display warning and error messages only for all the log domains.

The configuration string follows the following grammar:

  config-list: config | config ',' config-list
config: domain ':' level
domain: '*' | [a-zA-Z0-9]+
level: '*' | '-' | named-level | num-level
named-level: "none" | "error" | "warning" | "message" | "info" | "debug"
num-level: [0-5]

examples: <itemizedlist> <listitem><para>"*:*": maximum verbosity for all the log domains</para> </listitem> <listitem><para>"*:-": don't print any message</para></listitem> <listitem><para> "media-source:debug,metadata-source:debug": prints debug, info, message warning and error messages for the media-source and metadata-source log domains</para></listitem> </itemizedlist>

<note>It's possible to override the log configuration at runtime by defining the GRL_DEBUG environment variable to a configuration string as described above</note>



A string describing the wanted log configuration

Namespace: Grl
Package: grilo-0.3