[ Version ( since = "2.4" ) ]
[ CCode ( array_length = false , array_null_terminated = true , cname = "g_strsplit_set" ) ]
public string[] split_set (string delimiters, int max_tokens = 0)

Splits string into a number of tokens not containing any of the characters in delimiter.

A token is the (possibly empty) longest string that does not contain any of the characters in delimiters. If max_tokens is reached, the remainder is appended to the last token.

For example the result of g_strsplit_set ("abc:def/ghi", ":/", -1) is a null-terminated vector containing the three strings "abc", "def", and "ghi".

The result of g_strsplit_set ("gchar:def/ghi:", ":/", -1) is a null-terminated vector containing the four strings "", "def", "ghi", and "".

As a special case, the result of splitting the empty string "" is an empty vector, not a vector containing a single string. The reason for this special case is that being able to represent an empty vector is typically more useful than consistent handling of empty elements. If you do need to represent empty elements, you'll need to check for the empty string before calling split_set.

Note that this function works on bytes not characters, so it can't be used to delimit UTF-8 strings for anything but ASCII characters.

Example: Split a string, multiple delimiters:

public static int main (string[] args) {
string names_str = "Ernst,Mach;Erwin,Schrödinger";

// Output:
// ``'Ernst'``
// ``'Mach'``
// ``'Erwin'``
// ``'Schrödinger'``
string[] names = names_str.split_set (",;");
foreach (unowned string str in names) {
print ("'%s'\n", str);

// Output:
// ``'Ernst'``
// ``'Mach;Erwin,Schrödinger'``
names = names_str.split_set (",;", 2);
foreach (unowned string str in names) {
print ("'%s'\n", str);

return 0;

valac --pkg glib-2.0 string.split_set.vala



A nul-terminated string containing bytes that are used to split the string (it can accept an empty string, which will result in no string splitting).


The maximum number of tokens to split string into. If this is less than 1, the string is split completely


The string to be tokenized


a newly-allocated null-terminated array of strings. Use strfreev to free it.