[ CCode ( cname = "g_locale_to_utf8" ) ]
public string locale_to_utf8 (ssize_t len, out size_t bytes_read, out size_t bytes_written, out Error error = null)

Converts a string which is in the encoding used for strings by the C runtime (usually the same as that used by the operating system) in the current locale into a UTF-8 string.

If the source encoding is not UTF-8 and the conversion output contains a nul character, the error g_convert_error_embedded_nul is set and the function returns null. If the source encoding is UTF-8, an embedded nul character is treated with the g_convert_error_illegal_sequence error for backward compatibility with earlier versions of this library. Use convert to produce output that may contain embedded nul characters.



the length of the string, or -1 if the string is nul-terminated (Note that some encodings may allow nul bytes to occur inside strings. In that case, using -1 for the len parameter is unsafe)


location to store the number of bytes in the input string that were successfully converted, or null. Even if the conversion was successful, this may be less than len if there were partial characters at the end of the input. If the error g_convert_error_illegal_sequence occurs, the value stored will be the byte offset after the last valid input sequence.


the number of bytes stored in the output buffer (not including the terminating nul).


a string in the encoding of the current locale. On Windows this means the system codepage.


The converted string, or null on an error.