[ CCode ( has_construct_function = false ) ]
public PixbufLoader.with_type (string image_type) throws Error

Creates a new pixbuf loader object that always attempts to parse image data as if it were an image of type image_type, instead of identifying the type automatically.

This function is useful if you want an error if the image isn't the expected type; for loading image formats that can't be reliably identified by looking at the data; or if the user manually forces a specific type.

The list of supported image formats depends on what image loaders are installed, but typically "png", "jpeg", "gif", "tiff" and "xpm" are among the supported formats. To obtain the full list of supported image formats, call get_name on each of the PixbufFormat structs returned by get_formats.



name of the image format to be loaded with the image


A newly-created pixbuf loader.