public unowned Object? space_from_icc (string icc_data, int icc_length, IccIntent intent, out string error)

Create a babl space from an in memory ICC profile, the profile does no longer need to be loaded for the space to work, multiple calls with the same icc profile and same intent will result in the same babl space.

On a profile that doesn't contain A2B0 and B2A0 CLUTs perceptual and relative-colorimetric intents are treated the same.

If a BablSpace cannot be created from the profile NULL is returned and a static string is set on the const char *value pointed at with & value containing a message describing why the provided data does not yield a babl space.



pointer to icc profile in memory


length of icc profile in bytes


the intent from the ICC profile to use.


pointer to a string where decoding errors can be stored, if an error occurs, NULL is returned and an error message is provided in error.

Namespace: Babl
Package: babl-0.1