public bool xy_to_index (int x, int y, out int index_, out int trailing)

Converts from X and Y position within a layout to the byte index to the character at that logical position.

If the Y position is not inside the layout, the closest position is chosen (the position will be clamped inside the layout). If the X position is not within the layout, then the start or the end of the line is chosen as described for [method@Pango.LayoutLine.x_to_index]. If either the X or Y positions were not inside the layout, then the function returns false; on an exact hit, it returns true.



a `PangoLayout`


the X offset (in Pango units) from the left edge of the layout


the Y offset (in Pango units) from the top edge of the layout


location to store calculated byte index


location to store a integer indicating where in the grapheme the user clicked. It will either be zero, or the number of characters in the grapheme. 0 represents the leading edge of the grapheme.


true if the coordinates were inside text, false otherwise