[ CCode ( cname = "PkStatusEnum" , cprefix = "PK_STATUS_ENUM_" , type_id = "pk_status_enum_get_type ()" ) ]
[ GIR ( name = "StatusEnum" ) ]
public enum Status

What status we are now; this can change for each transaction giving a status of what sort of thing is happening Icons that change to represent the current status of the transaction will use these constants If you add to these, make sure you add filenames in gpk-watch.

c also

A typical transaction will do: - schedule task WAIT - run task SETUP - wait for lock RUNNING

This means that backends should run pk_backend_set_status (backend, PK_STATUS_ENUM_RUNNING) when they are ready to start running the transaction and after a lock has been got.

Namespace: Pk


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