[ Version ( since = "2.26" ) ]
public bool get_content_disposition (out string disposition, out HashTable<string,string> @params)

Looks up the "Content-Disposition" header in this, parses it, and returns its value in *disposition and *params.

params can be null if you are only interested in the disposition-type.

In HTTP, the most common use of this header is to set a disposition-type of "attachment", to suggest to the browser that a response should be saved to disk rather than displayed in the browser. If params contains a "filename" parameter, this is a suggestion of a filename to use. (If the parameter value in the header contains an absolute or relative path, libsoup will truncate it down to just the final path component, so you do not need to test this yourself.)

Content-Disposition is also used in "multipart/form-data", however this is handled automatically by Multipart and the associated form methods.



a MessageHeaders


return location for the disposition-type, or null


return location for the Content-Disposition parameters, or null


true if this contains a "Content-Disposition" header, false if not (in which case *disposition and *params will be unchanged).