[ HasEmitter ]
[ Version ( since = "2.28" ) ]
public signal void content_sniffed (string content_type, HashTable<string,string> @params)

This signal is emitted after got_headers, and before the first got_chunk.

If content sniffing is disabled, or no content sniffing will be performed, due to the sniffer deciding to trust the Content-Type sent by the server, this signal is emitted immediately after got_headers, and type is null.

If the ContentSniffer feature is enabled, and the sniffer decided to perform sniffing, the first got_chunk emission may be delayed, so that the sniffer has enough data to correctly sniff the content. It notified the library user that the content has been sniffed, and allows it to change the header contents in the message, if desired.

After this signal is emitted, the data that was spooled so that sniffing could be done is delivered on the first emission of got_chunk.



a GenericSet with the parameters


the content type that we got from sniffing