public DataModel get_meta_store_data (ConnectionMetaType meta_type, Error error, int nb_filters, ...)

Retrieves data stored in this's associated MetaStore object.

This method is useful to easily get some information about the meta-data associated to this, such as the list of tables, views, and other database objects.

Note: it's up to the caller to make sure the information contained within this's associated MetaStore is up to date using update_meta_store (it can become outdated if the database's schema is modified).

For more information about the returned data model's attributes, or about the meta_type and ... filter arguments, see this description.

Also, when using filters involving data which are SQL identifiers, make sure each SQL identifier is represented using the MetaStore convention, using sql_identifier_quote or sql_identifier_quote.

See the meta data section about SQL identifiers for more information, and the documentation about the sql_identifier_quote function which will be most useful.



a Connection object.


describes which data to get.


a place to store errors, or null


the number of filters in the ... argument


a list of (filter name (gchar *), filter value (GValue*)) pairs specifying the filter to apply to the returned data model's contents (there must be nb_filters pairs)


a DataModel containing the data required. The caller is responsible for freeing the returned model using unref.