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public abstract class SerializableObjectModel : Object, Serializable

Object Model is an Serializable implementation using Element to represent GLib.Object class objects. It requires to dump to a GXml.Document or parse a pre-parsed XML tree GXml.Document. See GXml.GomDocument to avoid pre/post parsing processes.

This implementation consider each object as a XML node, represented in GXml as a GXml.Element and its properties is represented by GXml.Attribute. Each property, if it is a Serializable object, is represented as child Element.

If a object's value property must be represented as a XML node content, then it requires to override Serializable.serialize_use_xml_node_value and set value at Serializable.serialized_xml_node_value.

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Namespace: GXml
Package: gxml-0.14



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