[ Version ( since = "3.10" ) ]
public string escape_search_text (string text)

Use this function to escape the following characters: `\n`, `\r`, `\t` and `\`.

For a regular expression search, use escape_string instead.

One possible use case is to take the TextBuffer's selection and put it in a search entry. The selection can contain tabulations, newlines, etc. So it's better to escape those special characters to better fit in the search entry.

See also: unescape_search_text.

<warning> Warning: the escape and unescape functions are not reciprocal! For example, escape (unescape (\)) = \\. So avoid cycles such as: search entry -> unescape -> search settings -> escape -> search entry. The original search entry text may be modified. < /warning>



the text to escape.


the escaped text.

Namespace: Gtk.SourceUtils
Package: gtksourceview-4