public virtual signal void move_page (ScrollStep step, int num)

The move_page signal is a keybinding signal which gets emitted when the user initiates a page movement (i.

e. switches between provider pages).

<keycombo><keycap>Control</keycap><keycap>Left</keycap></keycombo> is for going to the previous provider. <keycombo><keycap>Control</keycap><keycap>Right</keycap></keycombo> is for going to the next provider. < keycombo><keycap>Control</keycap><keycap>Home</keycap></keycombo> is for displaying all the providers. < keycombo><keycap>Control</keycap><keycap>End</keycap></keycombo> is for going to the last provider.

When step is equal to PAGES, the page size is defined by the provider_page_size property.

Applications should not connect to it, but may emit it with emit_by_name if they need to control the page selection programmatically.



The ScrollStep by which to move the page


The amount of steps to move the page