[ Version ( since = "4.6" ) ]
public void download_float (float[] data, size_t stride)

Downloads the this into local memory in a high dynamic range format.

This may be an expensive operation, as the actual texture data may reside on a GPU or on a remote display server and because the data may need to be upsampled if it was not already available in this format.

You may want to use [] instead if you don't need high dynamic range support.

The data format of the downloaded data is equivalent to GDK_MEMORY_R32G32B32A32_FLOAT_PREMULTIPLIED, so every downloaded pixel requires 16 bytes of memory.

Note that the caller is responsible to provide sufficiently aligned memory to access the resulting data directly as floats.



a `GdkTexture`


pointer to enough memory to be filled with the downloaded data of this


rowstride in elements, will usually be equal to get_width * 4