[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "3.22" ) ]
public void popup (Widget? parent_menu_shell, Widget? parent_menu_item, MenuPositionFunc? func, uint button, uint32 activate_time)

Warning: popup is deprecated since 3.22.

Displays a menu and makes it available for selection.


Applications can use this function to display context-sensitive menus, and will typically supply null for the parent_menu_shell, parent_menu_item, func and data parameters. The default menu positioning function will position the menu at the current mouse cursor position.

The button parameter should be the mouse button pressed to initiate the menu popup. If the menu popup was initiated by something other than a mouse button press, such as a mouse button release or a keypress, button should be 0.

The activate_time parameter is used to conflict-resolve initiation of concurrent requests for mouse/keyboard grab requests. To function properly, this needs to be the timestamp of the user event (such as a mouse click or key press) that caused the initiation of the popup. Only if no such event is available, get_current_event_time can be used instead.

Note that this function does not work very well on GDK backends that do not have global coordinates, such as Wayland or Mir. You should probably use one of the gtk_menu_popup_at_ variants, which do not have this problem.



a Menu


the menu shell containing the triggering menu item, or null


the menu item whose activation triggered the popup, or null


a user supplied function used to position the menu, or null


the mouse button which was pressed to initiate the event.


the time at which the activation event occurred.


user supplied data to be passed to func.