[ Version ( since = "2.4" ) ]
public Pixbuf? load_icon (string icon_name, int size, IconLookupFlags flags) throws Error

Looks up an icon in an icon theme, scales it to the given size and renders it into a pixbuf.

This is a convenience function; if more details about the icon are needed, use lookup_icon followed by load_icon.

Note that you probably want to listen for icon theme changes and update the icon. This is usually done by connecting to the GtkWidget: GtkIconTheme:style-set signal. If for some reason you do not want to update the icon when the icon theme changes, you should consider using copy to make a private copy of the pixbuf returned by this function. Otherwise GTK+ may need to keep the old icon theme loaded, which would be a waste of memory.



a IconTheme


the name of the icon to lookup


the desired icon size. The resulting icon may not be exactly this size; see load_icon.


flags modifying the behavior of the icon lookup


the rendered icon; this may be a newly created icon or a new reference to an internal icon, so you must not modify the icon. Use unref to release your reference to the icon. null if the icon isn’t found.