public void set_backchannel_launch (string launch)

The gst_parse_launch line to use for constructing the ONVIF backchannel pipeline in the default prepare vmethod if requested by the client.

The pipeline description should return a GstBin as the toplevel element which can be accomplished by enclosing the description with brackets '( ' ')'.

The description should return a pipeline with a single depayloader named depay_backchannel. A caps query on the depayloader's sinkpad should return all possible, complete RTP caps that are going to be supported. At least the payload type, clock-rate and encoding-name need to be specified.

Note: The pipeline part passed here must end in sinks that are not waiting until pre-rolling before reaching the PAUSED state, i.e. setting async=false on Sink. Otherwise the whole media will not be able to prepare.



a MediaFactory


the launch description