[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "1.18" , since = "1.4" ) ]
public Result wait_backlog (TimeVal timeout)

Warning: wait_backlog is deprecated since 1.18.

Wait until there is place in the backlog queue, timeout is reached or this is set to flushing.

If timeout is null this function can block forever. If timeout contains a valid timeout, this function will return ETIMEOUT after the timeout expired.

The typically use of this function is when gst_rtsp_watch_write_data returns ENOMEM. The caller then calls this function to wait for free space in the backlog queue and try again.



a Watch


a GTimeVal timeout


OK when if there is room in queue. ETIMEOUT when timeout was reached. EINTR when this is flushing EINVAL when called with invalid parameters.