[ CCode ( array_length = false , array_null_terminated = true ) ]
public string[] decode_path_components ()

Splits the path of this on '/' boundaries, decoding the resulting components,

The decoding performed by this routine is "URI decoding", as defined in RFC 3986, commonly known as percent-decoding. For example, a string "foo\%2fbar" will decode to "foo/bar" -- the \%2f being replaced by the corresponding byte with hex value 0x2f. Note that there is no guarantee that the resulting byte sequence is valid in any given encoding. As a special case, \%00 is not unescaped to NUL, as that would prematurely terminate the string.

Also note that since paths usually start with a slash, the first component will usually be the empty string.



a Url


null-terminated array of URL components. Free with strfreev when no longer needed.