[ Version ( since = "1.12" ) ]
public HashTable<string,string>? get_media_fragment_table ()

Get the media fragment table from the URI, as defined by "Media Fragments URI 1.0".

Hash table returned by this API is a list of "key-value" pairs, and the each pair is generated by splitting "URI fragment" per "&" sub-delims, then "key" and "value" are split by "=" sub-delims. The "key" returned by this API may be undefined keyword by standard. A value may be null to indicate that the key should appear in the fragment string in the URI, but does not have a value. Free the returned GenericSet with g_hash_table_unref() when it is no longer required. Modifying this hash table does not affect the fragment in the URI.

See more about Media Fragments URI 1.0 (W3C) at



The Uri to get the fragment table from.


The fragment hash table from the URI.