public void add_dependency (string[]? env_vars, string[]? paths, string[]? names, PluginDependencyFlags flags)

Make GStreamer aware of external dependencies which affect the feature set of this plugin (ie.

the elements or typefinders associated with it).

GStreamer will re-inspect plugins with external dependencies whenever any of the external dependencies change. This is useful for plugins which wrap other plugin systems, e.g. a plugin which wraps a plugin-based visualisation library and makes visualisations available as GStreamer elements, or a codec loader which exposes elements and/or caps dependent on what external codec libraries are currently installed.



a Plugin


null-terminated array of environment variables affecting the feature set of the plugin (e.g. an environment variable containing paths where to look for additional modules/plugins of a library), or null. Environment variable names may be followed by a path component which will be added to the content of the environment variable, e.g. "HOME/.mystuff/plugins".


null-terminated array of directories/paths where dependent files may be, or null.


null-terminated array of file names (or file name suffixes, depending on flags) to be used in combination with the paths from paths and/or the paths extracted from the environment variables in env_vars, or null .


optional flags, or NONE