public void query (out TypeQuery query)

Queries the type system for information about a specific type.

This function will fill in a user-provided structure to hold type-specific information. If an invalid Type is passed in, the type member of the TypeQuery is 0. All members filled into the TypeQuery structure should be considered constant and have to be left untouched.

Example: Query the type system for type-information:

public abstract class AbstractGObject : Object {

public static int main (string[] args) {
Type type = typeof (AbstractGObject);
TypeQuery query;

// Output:
// ``type: 156018024``
// ``name: AbstractGObject``
// ``class-size: 68``
// ``instance-size: 16``
type.query (out query);
print ("type: %s\n", query.type.to_string ());
print ("name: %s\n", query.type_name);
print ("class-size: %u\n", query.class_size);
print ("instance-size: %u\n", query.instance_size);

return 0;

valac --pkg gobject-2.0 GLib.Type.query.vala



a user provided structure that is filled in with constant values upon success


Type of a static, classed type