[ Version ( since = "2.30" ) ]
public bool decompose (out unichar a, out unichar b)

Performs a single decomposition step of the Unicode canonical decomposition algorithm.

This function does not include compatibility decompositions. It does, however, include algorithmic Hangul Jamo decomposition, as well as 'singleton' decompositions which replace a character by a single other character. In the case of singletons *b will be set to zero.

If ch is not decomposable, *a is set to ch and *b is set to zero.

Note that the way Unicode decomposition pairs are defined, it is guaranteed that b would not decompose further, but a may itself decompose. To get the full canonical decomposition for ch, one would need to recursively call this function on a . Or use fully_decompose.

See UAX#15 for details.



return location for the first component of ch


return location for the second component of ch


a Unicode character


true if the character could be decomposed