[ CCode ( cname = "G_ASCII_DTOSTR_BUF_SIZE" ) ]
public const int DTOSTR_BUF_SIZE

A good size for a buffer to be passed into [func@GLib.

ascii_dtostr]. It is guaranteed to be enough for all output of that function on systems with 64bit IEEE-compatible doubles.

The typical usage would be something like: ```C char buf[G_ASCII_DTOSTR_BUF_SIZE];

fprintf (out, "value=s\n", g_ascii_dtostr (buf, sizeof (buf), value)); ```

Example: Convert a double to a string (Buffer):

public static int main (string[] args) {
// Output: ``20``
char[] buf = new char[double.DTOSTR_BUF_SIZE];
unowned string str = (20.0).to_str (buf);
print ("%s\n", str);
return 0;

valac --pkg glib-2.0 double.DTOSTR_BUF_SIZE.vala