public Variant get_child_value (size_t index)

Reads a child item out of a container Variant instance.

This includes variants, maybes, arrays, tuples and dictionary entries. It is an error to call this function on any other type of Variant.

It is an error if index_ is greater than the number of child items in the container. See n_children.

The returned value is never floating. You should free it with g_variant_unref when you're done with it.

Note that values borrowed from the returned child are not guaranteed to still be valid after the child is freed even if you still hold a reference to this, if this has not been serialized at the time this function is called. To avoid this, you can serialize this by calling get_data and optionally ignoring the return value.

There may be implementation specific restrictions on deeply nested values, which would result in the unit tuple being returned as the child value, instead of further nested children. Variant is guaranteed to handle nesting up to at least 64 levels.

This function is O(1).



a container Variant


the index of the child to fetch


the child at the specified index