[ Version ( since = "2.66" ) ]
public static Bytes? unescape_bytes (string escaped_string, size_t length = -1, string? illegal_characters = null) throws UriError

Unescapes a segment of an escaped string as binary data.

Note that in contrast to unescape_string, this does allow nul bytes to appear in the output.

If any of the characters in illegal_characters appears as an escaped character in escaped_string, then that is an error and null will be returned. This is useful if you want to avoid for instance having a slash being expanded in an escaped path element, which might confuse pathname handling.



A URI-escaped string


the length (in bytes) of escaped_string to escape, or `-1` if it is nul-terminated.


a string of illegal characters not to be allowed, or null.


an unescaped version of escaped_string or null on error (if decoding failed, using g_uri_error_failed error code). The returned Bytes should be unreffed when no longer needed.