[ CCode ( cname = "g_sequence_move" ) ]
public void move_to (SequenceIter<G> dest)

Moves the item pointed to by src to the position indicated by dest.

After calling this function dest will point to the position immediately after src. It is allowed for src and dest to point into different sequences.

Example: Move:

public static int main (string[] args) {
Sequence<string> seq = new Sequence<string> ();
seq.append ("Lorem");
seq.append ("dolor");
seq.append ("ipsum");
seq.append ("sit");
seq.append ("amet");

SequenceIter<string> iter1 = seq.get_iter_at_pos (1);
SequenceIter<string> iter2 = seq.get_iter_at_pos (3);
iter1.move_to (iter2);

// Output:
// ``Lorem``
// ``ipsum``
// ``dolor``
// ``sit``
// ``amet``
seq.foreach ((item) => {
print ("%s\n", item);

return 0;

valac --pkg glib-2.0 GLib.SequenceIter.move_to.vala



a SequenceIter pointing to the position to which the item is moved


a SequenceIter pointing to the item to move