[ CCode ( cname = "g_io_channel_unix_new" ) ]
public IOChannel.unix_new (int fd)

Creates a new IOChannel given a file descriptor.

On UNIX systems this works for plain files, pipes, and sockets.

The returned IOChannel has a reference count of 1.

The default encoding for IOChannel is UTF-8. If your application is reading output from a command using via pipe, you may need to set the encoding to the encoding of the current locale (see get_charset) with the set_encoding function. By default, the fd passed will not be closed when the final reference to the IOChannel data structure is dropped.

If you want to read raw binary data without interpretation, then call the set_encoding function with null for the encoding argument.

This function is available in GLib on Windows, too, but you should avoid using it on Windows. The domain of file descriptors and sockets overlap. There is no way for GLib to know which one you mean in case the argument you pass to this function happens to be both a valid file descriptor and socket. If that happens a warning is issued, and GLib assumes that it is the file descriptor you mean.



a file descriptor.


a new IOChannel.