[ Version ( since = "2.36" ) ]
[ CCode ( cname = "g_close" ) ]
public bool close_checked (int fd) throws FileError

This wraps the close call.

In case of error, errno will be preserved, but the error will also be stored as a Error in throws. In case of success, errno is undefined.

Besides using Error, there is another major reason to prefer this function over the call provided by the system; on Unix, it will attempt to correctly handle eintr, which has platform-specific semantics.

It is a bug to call this function with an invalid file descriptor.

On POSIX platforms since GLib 2.76, this function is async-signal safe if (and only if) throws is null and fd is a valid open file descriptor. This makes it safe to call from a signal handler or a SpawnChildSetupFunc under those conditions. See [`signal(7)`]( man:signal(7)) and [`signal-safety(7)`](man:signal-safety(7)) for more details.



A file descriptor


true on success, false if there was an error.

Namespace: GLib.FileUtils
Package: glib-2.0