[ Version ( deprecated_since = "vala-0.16" , deprecated = true , replacement = "IOModule.load_all_in_directory" ) ]
public List<weak TypeModule> g_io_modules_load_all_in_directory (string dirname)

Warning: g_io_modules_load_all_in_directory is deprecated since "vala-0.16". Use GLib.IOModule.load_all_in_directory.

Loads all the modules in the specified directory.

If don't require all modules to be initialized (and thus registering all gtypes) then you can use g_io_modules_scan_all_in_directory which allows delayed/lazy loading of modules.



pathname for a directory containing modules to load.


a list of IOModules loaded from the directory, All the modules are loaded into memory, if you want to unload them (enabling on-demand loading) you must call unuse on all the modules. Free the list with g_list_free.

Namespace: GLib
Package: gio-2.0