[ Version ( deprecated_since = "vala-0.16" , deprecated = true , replacement = "FileAttribute.STANDARD_EDIT_NAME" ) ]
public const unowned string FILE_ATTRIBUTE_STANDARD_EDIT_NAME

Warning: FILE_ATTRIBUTE_STANDARD_EDIT_NAME is deprecated since "vala-0.16". Use GLib.FileAttribute.STANDARD_EDIT_NAME.

A key in the "standard" namespace for edit name of the file.

An edit name is similar to the display name, but it is meant to be used when you want to rename the file in the UI. The display name might contain information you don't want in the new filename (such as "(invalid unicode)" if the filename was in an invalid encoding).

Corresponding FileAttributeType is g_file_attribute_type_string.

Namespace: GLib
Package: gio-2.0