[ Version ( since = "2.4" ) ]
public void register_standard_event_type (Display display, int event_base, int n_events)

Registers interest in receiving extension events with type codes between event_base and `event_base + n_events - 1`.

The registered events must have the window field in the same place as core X events (this is not the case for e.g. XKB extension events).

If an event type is registered, events of this type will go through global and window-specific filters (see add_filter). Unregistered events will only go through global filters. GDK may register the events of some X extensions on its own.

This function should only be needed in unusual circumstances, e.g. when filtering XInput extension events on the root window.



a Display


first event type code to register


number of event type codes to register

Namespace: Gdk.X11
Package: gdk-x11-3.0