[ Version ( deprecated = true , deprecated_since = "1.10" ) ]
public static unowned Stage get_default ()

Warning: get_default is deprecated since 1.10.

Retrieves a Stage singleton.


Use Stage instead.

This function is not as useful as it sounds, and will most likely by deprecated in the future. Application code should only create a Stage instance using Stage, and manage the lifetime of the stage manually.

The default stage singleton has a platform-specific behaviour: on platforms without the STAGE_MULTIPLE feature flag set, the first Stage instance will also be set to be the default stage instance, and this function will always return a pointer to it.

On platforms with the STAGE_MULTIPLE feature flag set, the default stage will be created by the first call to this function, and every following call will return the same pointer to it.


the main Stage. You should never destroy or unref the returned actor.