[ Version ( since = "0.8.0" ) ]
public void add_unchecked_fixture (SFun? setup = null, SFun? teardown = null)

Add unchecked fixture setup/teardown functions to a test case

Unchecked fixture functions are run at the start and end of the test case, and not before and after unit tests. Further, unchecked fixture functions are not run in a separate address space, like test functions, and so must not exit or signal (e.g., segfault).

Also, when run in CK_NOFORK mode, unchecked fixture functions may lead to different unit test behavior if unit tests change data setup by the fixture functions.

Note that if a setup function fails, the remaining setup functions will be omitted, as will the test case and the teardown functions. If a teardown function fails the remaining teardown functins will be omitted.



function to add to be executed before the test case; if NULL no setup function is added


function to add to be executed after the test case; if NULL no teardown function is added